Why use a Full Face Mask for SCUBA diving?

OTS Spectrum Full Face Mask

Source: Ocean Technology Systems (OTS) Spectrum Full Face Mask Owner’s Manual.

There is nothing wrong with a good old fashioned mask and snorkel. In fact, full-face mask divers carry a standard mask as a backup in case of emergency, but there are some advantages to trading in your traditional mask for a full-face mask. So why would you want to dive in a full-face mask?

1.      Safety in an emergency
The design of the full-face mask means that should the diver fall unconscious or have a convulsion, the eyes and airways are protected from the water.

2.      Environmental protection
Compared to a standard mask and snorkel, there is far more protection for your mouth, lips and face. While a full-face mask is not a replacement for hazmat diving equipment, when diving in cold or contaminated environments the full-face mask is a safer alternative to the standard mask and snorkel. It also offers extra protection from jellyfish stings!

3.      Physiological assistance
Some divers have conditions that make diving with a standard regulator in their mouth difficult or painful such as jaw fatigue, TMJ, dentures or disabilities.

4.      Communications
Full face masks provide an airspace that makes talking possible. With the addition of communications hardware your full-face mask can allow you to talk with fellow divers, and a surface support station. Useful for coordinating tasks or sharing progress updates.

5.      For fun!

It can be exciting and engaging to experience new things, why not try something new? As always, start the fun with safety first! Training and experience is strongly recommended in a shallow pool environment prior to open water diving.

Full face masks are available to purchase from Scubanautics Diving Academy. The OTS Spectrum which allows you to fit your own regulator to it, starts at $749.80 for the model without communications. 

Check out the options in our online store or pop in and have a chat with us.

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