All services are carried out to manufacturers specifications by factory trained technicians. Services carry a 6 month warranty on labour only.


Service and inspection is available on a huge variety of makes and models of dive equipment. If you have something not listed here please pop in or give us a call and we will most likely be able to help.

breakdown of service charges


Cylinder Hydro Test/Annual (includes air) $38.00

Hydro test for Fibre Wrapped Cylinders $50.00

K-Valve fitting to cylinder (includes o-ring kit) $15.00

Rotary wire brushing Cyls (hourly) $65.00

Decontaminating cylinders (oil etc) $35

Pneumatic spear gun service $60.00

FULL Reg Set(1st Stage/2nd Stage/Occy) $90.00

Regulator First AND Second stage $60.00

BCD (Including standard inflator) $35.00

BCD (including integrated Alternate/Occy) $48.50

Hydro Test and O2 Clean Cyl & Valve $77.00


We can provide estimates and quotes, however if you should decide not to go ahead with the work the charges are:
Service estimate not going ahead: $20.00
Service quote not going ahead: $40.00 
Air analysis $165

COMPUTER BATTERY CHANGE (Includes Pressure Test)

Aladin SPORT/PRO (side door model) $55.00

Aladin SPORT/NITROX /PRO (oil filled) $125.00

Aladin ONE/PRIME/2G $22.00


Aladin SMARTCOM $99.00

Aqualung MATRIX $33.00


Cressisub GIOTTO/LEONARDO $33.00

Genesis RESOURCE $33.00

Mares NEMO $55.00

Mares PUCK $33.00

Oceanic VEO $33.00


Suunto D Series $82.50

Suunto D5 clean / function test $25.00

Suunto Mosquito (Inc. Battery Door) $35.00


SuuntoSpyder/Stinger $82.50

And most other computers


If submitting a rechargeable computer please provide the charging cable.

important points

*** SERVICE CHARGES DO NOT INCLUDE PARTS (Parts are replaced as required)

* Scuba in poor condition or other equipment not listed is charged at $66.00 per hour

* All warranty claims are to be accompanied by appropriate paperwork or all parts will be charged at time of pickup.
* Estimates provided at no charge if the work estimated on goes ahead.

* Written quotes provided for $22.50. If equipment is then serviced, quote fee is deducted from service charge.

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