Shark Shield Freedom 7

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Provides powerful protection when diving, spearfishing, freediving, and kayak fishing. WA Government Rebate available* Powered by Shark Shield Technology, the Ocean Guardian FREEDOM7 gives you up to 6-hours protection from all predatory sharks – including Great Whites. Lightweight and designed to fit seamlessly with your existing gear, it offers powerful protection and peace of mind – so you can get out there and explore the ocean wilderness. Plus, if you live in Western Australia, you can take advantage of the $200 Government Shark Deterrent Rebate*. The FREEDOM7 also comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. *Conditions apply. Click here for more info.   Benefits The world’s only scientifically proven and independently tested electrical shark deterrent – and proven to deter Great Whites. Shark Shield technology CAN ONLY repel sharks and sting-rays. It does not affect or repel fish, crocodiles, dolphins, whales, or freshwater creatures. Used by the US & Australian Navies and mandated safety equipment in some industries. Comfortable, lightweight design with an easy to wear neoprene Velcro pouch. Lithium rechargeable battery, over 1000 charge cycles. Includes charger with international power adapters (Australia, USA, Europe, and Asia) Long life battery, lasts up to 6 hours with LED battery life indicator (C version). Depth rated to 50 meters (164 feet) 30-Day Money Back Guarantee Included in the WA Government $200 Shark Deterrent Rebate program How it Works   Sharks have short-range electrical receptors in their snouts used for finding food, Ocean Guardian’s government approved, and patented technology creates a powerful three-dimensional electrical field which causes safe but unbearable spasms in these sensitive receptors turning sharks away, including Great Whites. With the FREEDOM7, this electrical field is created by a trailing antenna attached to a power module comfortably worn on the ankle. It’s tough. Durable. And proven to be effective.

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Shark Shield

$200 WA Government Rebate – I will provide a WA Drivers License and have not claimed the rebate before, Not eligible for rebate


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