Scubapro Supernova Fins – Open Heel Fins

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SCUBAPRO’s 2022 Seawing Supernova represents the next generation of powerful SCUBAPRO fins. Winner of the prestigious, internationally-recognized Red Dot Award for product design, the new Seawing Supernova is a step up from the Seawing Nova in performance, construction, fit and versatility. The flexible Auto-Adjust central panel fine-tunes the angle of attack according to the strength of kick by counter-pivoting, providing a milder angle of attack for comfort when kicking gently, a more aggressive angle of attack when kicking at full strength, and anything in between. When it comes to frog and alternate kicks, the new twin-tip winglets increase control and markedly improve maneuverability. The Seawing Supernova’s innovative two-piece design, with blade and foot pocket molded separately, makes transport easy, and with the optional full foot pocket the fin can be modified to handle any warm-water dive scenario. The Supernova is the go-to fin for avid recreational and professional divers seeking maximum speed, power and kicking control in all diving conditions.



– Blade’s central panel membrane auto-adjusts the angle of attack based on kicking strength, providing easier kicking when cruising and maximum power when needed.
– Innovative blade shape produces more power, more speed and better maneuverability.
– Central panel Hydra-loop channels water flow rearwards for increased efficiency and thrust.
– Pivot Control Technology ensures that the most efficient 40º to 50º range of angle of attack is maintained.
– Twin-tip winglets improve control and maneuverability for excellent frog and alternate kicks.
– Blade and foot pocket are molded separately with a durable Socket-Lock Connecting System that allows for easy assembly and disassembly.
– Made of premium Monprene for long-lasting durability.
– Sold as an open heel set with open heel foot pocket and blade pre-assembled.
– Available in five sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL ) and two colors (Black and White).
– Compatible with colored Scuba Skegs.

Technical Information

Fin Type: Open Heel
Material: Monprene
Weight: 3.69 lb | 1.672 kg


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