Scubapro S-Tek Fins – Open Heel Fins

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A new addition to SCUBAPRO’s S-Tek line of technical diving equipment, the S-Tek Fin is a purpose-built, next-gen technical diving fin providing maximum power when you need it. Constructed of durable Monprene® for maximum durability and designed with an ultra-streamlined profile, the S-Tek Fin’s 30º pre-angled blade requires less deflection to achieve the desired angle of attack for an efficient kick. This allows for a stiffer blade without increasing drag, thereby reducing leg cramps and ankle strain while delivering unbeatable maneuverability and alternate kick performance.
  • Clean Water Blade and Vented Blade design reduces drag and increases thrust.
  • Hydra-Loop ramped and reinforced leading edge improves lateral rigidity for improved alternate kicks, plus creates a hydrofoil profile for better thrust.
  • Removable Stainless Steel Weight Plate System lets you choose between a positively buoyant, neutrally buoyant, or negatively buoyant fin.
  • The S-Tek Fin’s two-piece design, with blade and foot pocket molded separately, makes transport easy.
  • Blade and foot pocket are molded separately with a durable Socket-Lock Connecting System that allows for easy assembly and disassembly.
  • Open heel foot pocket features an upgraded heavy-duty bungee strap that allows for micro-adjustments to accommodate different boot types.

    Fin Type  Open Heel
    Material  Monprene
    Weight    4.40925 lb
    Heel Strap Type Marine-Grade Bungee
    Activity   Technical

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