Ocean Hunter Phantom Go Pro Mask

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The Ocean Hunter Phantom GoPro Mask has been a favourite with Spearfisherman all over the world and the GoPro makes a good mask great.

Now you can attach your favourite action camera and record all of your spearing adventures, best catches and one-off experiences with marine wildlife. It’s perfect for showing friends and family your adventures and creating content for your social media channels.

The Phantom GoPro’s popularity is all in the lens and skirt design. The quality silicone skirt is shaped to seal on a wide range of faces and keep equalisation easy while reducing internal volume. The reduced volume keeps the air where you need it in your lungs rather than in your mask. The Ocean Hunter lenses are high-quality tempered glass, angled and shaped to maximise field of view. After all, if you can’t see what’s going on you can’t capture it on video!

The silicone skirt and frame have a satin black finish which eliminates glare and looks great.

Features include:

High-quality satin-finish silicone skirt
Large angled twin-lens tempered glass design
Secure action camera mount
Easy-adjust articulated buckles
Low profile design


  • Anti-reflection lenses won’t reflect your camera or tripod
  • GoPro Mount to easily attach your GoPro camera
  • Silicone skirt and straps
  • Quick adjust straps make slight changes a breeze
  • Low volume, high visibility design
  • Packaged in sleek Ocean Hunter box


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