Cressi Yuma Fast Speargun

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Product DescriptionThe Cressi Yuma Speargun is for quick fishing with optimal management due to its 26 mm diameter tube in anticorodal aluminum with circle section especially rigid, a solution that offers a good compromise between deformation prevention, low productive cost and facility of movement in all directions under water. So it’s a really handy, agile and polyvalent spear gun. The Cressi Yuma has a 6 mm shaft, and a Circular 16 mm power band. It is a very handy rifle, agile and versatile.Cressi’s Most Versatile Spear GunCressi Yuma Speargun Features Camouflage Colour Adds Stealth to Hunting 26 mm (1.0 inch) Diameter Barrel Design Eliminate Bending of Barrel Extremely Modern, New Generation Thermoplastics, Light Non-Deformable Point and Handgrip Incredible Firing Precision Very small muzzle to facilitate aim. Highly Compact, Hydrodynamic Point Low Band Position Optimises Forward Thrust, Guarantee Perfect Visibility Rapid and Precise Aiming Gentle Shaft Release System Anatomical grip featuring small chest loading pad. Ring for Line, Sternal Support for Reloading Dovetail Triggering for Reel 16 mm Diameter Circular Band with Articulated Wishbone Regular and circular bands mount. 6 mm (.25 in) 17.4 PH Stainless Steel Notched Shaft Single Flopper Barb Inox Pointed Tip Shaft Rail Guide for Added Accuracy Cressi Yuma Speargun Technical CharacteristicsBarrel is 26 mm diameter barrel in anticorodal aluminum with an integrated low-friction guide, as the shaft only rests on the two outer corners. The lower part is reinforced by additional thickness. This combination enables the spear gun to remain extraordinarily easy to handle while being more rigid than spear guns that are much larger in diameter. Integrated low-friction guide.Camouflage barrel in greens and brown tones. Aesthetically attractive in multipurpose shades for Mediterranean and Atlantic areas. Extraordinarily effectiveButt derived from the legendary Apache-Comanche butt, very resistant, reliable and appreciated by sports fishermen. This proverbially ergonomic and versatile tool is suitable for every type of fishing and shooting from any position.Thermoplastic non-slip rubber handle in white. Minimised load assist in smooth adherent thermo-rubber.New cobra head muzzle design softens the angle of the bands so that they work more effectively without unnecessary friction or tension that could reduce the life of the product. It is designed so that if used with dual bands, both work equally without any type of interference.Open muzzle. The visibility offered by the muzzle is excellent and aiming is precise, fast and intuitive.The stainless steel guide for the cable or nylon is integrated into the muzzle.Shaft support with two small wings to facilitate loading without interfering with the nylon and optional double loop.Retractable minimalist double loop line clip.French jointed wishbone. This is considered to be the best, safest and easiest hook wishbone due to its angular design and profile of the plate. Stainless steel AISI 304 shafts hardened by ø4 mm with the lock washer and lock nut. High quality Delrin© caps with threads designed so that threading and un-threading the bands can be done easily by hand, without the need for tools.Shaft in 17 4 PH tempered steel 6 mm in diameter. Dark finish.Sizes:60 (barrel 55 cm) – special order75 (barrel 70 cm)85 (barrel 80 cm)95 (barrel 90 cm)

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