Cressi Leonardo – Dive Computer

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FEATURES DIVE MODE (“DIVE”): Versatile Air/Nitrox ranging 21%-50% O2 with 1% increments Modified 9-tissue Haldane Algorithm RGBM + Deep Stop (optional) Algorithm customizable on 3 levels (Safety factor: SF0, SF1, SF2) Allows successive dives with different mixes (indispensable for reprogramming a mix when using Nitrox) Adjustable PO2 of 1.0-1.6 Dive Planning Mode Independent logbook by mode: 75 dives or 60 diving hours with 16 pieces of information about each dive Profile Mode: Minute by minute on-screen profile of all dives logged in the logbook Variable ascent rate with visual indicator and visual and acoustic alarms Preset altitude Acoustic and visual alarms with screen lighting: PO2, CNS, ascent rate, DECO, DECO bypass Calibrated in salt water for maximum precision NO DEC TIME and DEC TIME with three digits Optional decompression safety stop (“Stop”) in case of no-stop dives Approximate 3-year battery life (50 dives per year) Temperature, instant PO2, time and mix used are visible under water at the push of a button Back-lit screen (one press, 5 seconds) Reset option accessible through the menu. Eliminates the residual nitrogen memory for rental or instructional use in dive centers GAUGE MODE (“GAUGE”): Designed to provide precise basic diving parameters with mixes with decompression tables through a specific program Gauge calibrated in salt water (maximum precision) Current depth reading, maximum depth, dive time and temperature Logbook separate from the dives in “Gauge” mode Accessible stopwatch WATCH MODE (out of the water): Time, day, date

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