Apeks XTX 200/ 40 Regulator Set Yoke

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First Stage XTX 200-Compact one piece body -4 angled medium pressure ports, 4 x 3/8″ UNF -2 angled high pressure ports, 2 x 7/16″ UNF -Environmentally dry sealed system -Attractive black and luxurious satin silver chrome finish -Balanced for superior performance -Removable ARCAP valve seat Second Stage XTX200-Adjustable cracking control -Integrated venturi control -Pneumatically balanced valve design -Micro Adjuster -Suitable for cold water use -Bright Chrome Finish -Right or Left hand hose configuration -Metal Inserted front cover -New Optional Extra Hose Swivel connection -Changeable Exhaust Tees

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 19 × 36 × 10 cm


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