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Course Overview



Home, before the course:





What to Bring

If not hiring personal snorkelling items, bring your: 

We can provide all of the above rental items for the duration of your Open Water course for $40. Please advise if required when registering over the phone or select the option through our online booking

Additional Course Information

During the four ocean training dives you will practice the skills already learned during the pool training sessions and you will continue your training, learning and practicing the skills required to qualify as an Open water Scuba Diver. This diving ticket gives you the skills to dive safely with a buddy down to a maximum depth of 18 meters deep!

Dive Medical
Within your registration pack is a Medical Statement declaration that you need to complete and sign. If you answer “Yes” to any of the questions you will need to discuss your health with a doctor and have the form co-signed. Although a diving medical may not be required, it is nevertheless strongly recommended by both Scubanautics and PADI Asia Pacific. Further, a diving medical may uncover conditions or issues you may not be aware of, for example ear, nose and throat, or lung function issues, and which could expose you to the risk of serious injury or death while diving.

Australian Standard AS 4005.1, SPUMS (South Pacific Underwater Medical Society) and Scubanautics Diving Academy all recommend a diving medical be completed prior to starting a Dive course.

These medicals are valid for 12 months from the date of completion unless your health or circumstances change.

General Fitness
All students are required to be able to swim.
During the training you will complete a 200 meter swim plus tread water for 10 minutes. You can use a variety of swim strokes to complete the swim and it is not timed. You must also be able to safely lift and carry the heavy equipment (~12-20kgs)

There are some medical conditions which may preclude you from learning to scuba dive

Medical conditions that will require further investigation by a doctor who specialises in diving medicine include but are not limited to:
– Asthma or wheezing (current or history of same):
– Chronic lung disease
– Surgery
– Lung collapse
– Epilepsy
– Diabetes
– High Blood Pressure
– Injury to spinal column, brain, heart; heart disease
– Problems equalising your ears or ear surgery as well as sinuses
– Fainting
– Regular dizzy spells
– Taking medication for chronic conditions not already mentioned.


It's time to learn

“Taking your first breath underwater is an incredible experience. You’ve been breathing your whole life, it’s the definition of second nature, but all of a sudden the whole game has changed. It’s something that you’ve never focused on but now it won’t escape your mind.”

-Natalie Lavery

“Completing my PADI Open Water course changed my life! I can’t believe what I have been missing.”

We have everything you want & need to make your diving experience Unforgettable!

Diving is our passion, and we are keen to share the wonders and the excitement of the underwater world with others. We are sharing our knowledge, experience and our travels with you to experience what the underwater world can offer.

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