Peak Performance Buoyancy

Course Overview

Peak Performance Buoyancy

Mastering your Buoyancy is a real gift for any avid diver. Being able to glide effortlessly and easily find neutral buoyancy is a real game changer. You will practice exercises that allow you to streamline your equipment, find your perfect weight balance, build spatial awareness and more.

This very popular course is an ideal next step for the diver who just wants feel more in control of their dives.

This is a must do course.

Complete it as a separate specialty or get a taste of the skills as part of the Advanced Open Water course.



This course is conducted over one pool session and one ocean dive


You must have OR hire a full set of Scuba equipment

“Completing my PADI Open Water course changed my life! I can’t believe what I have been missing.”

We have everything you want & need to make your diving experience Unforgettable!

Diving is our passion, and we are keen to share the wonders and the excitement of the underwater world with others. We are sharing our knowledge, experience and our travels with you to experience what the underwater world can offer.

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