Land & Sea Sports

Land & Sea Sports Australia

We are a company with 9 iconic Australian, watersports and outdoor brands that have been developed over the last 30 years.

The brands are Land & Sea Sports, Redback Surf Adrenalin Wetsuits, Adrenalin Skate, Surfoplane, Boss Scuba, Palm Beach Australia, Undersee Spearfishing and Shark Island.
With over 3,000 product lines in our range.

Products include: Surfboards, SUP’s, Surfmats, Rockets, Body Boards, Skimboards, Surf Accessories, Masks, Mask & Snorkels, Mask, Snorkel & Fin Sets, Fins, Swimwear, Goggles, Floats, Swim Aids & Accessories, Dive Watches, Surf & Fish Watches, Fun Watches, Beach Games, Kids Bodyboards, Sun Protection, Tents, Umbrellas, Hats, Pool Toys & Games, Performance Wetsuits, Classic Springsuits, Classic Steamers, Outdoor Thermal Protection, Rashvests, Tropical Stinger protection, Aquatic Footwear, Dive Boots, Fishing Boots, Gloves, Stunt & Street Scooters, Street and Bowl Skateboards, Downhill Skateboards, Skate Accessories, Travel Bags, Dive Bags, Mesh Bags, Boardbags, Backpacks, Handspears, Spearguns, Pneumatic Spearguns, Spearfishing Accessories, Knives & Torches, BOSS Scuba Australia’s only Scuba Brand, BCD’s, Guages, Regulators, Scuba Equipment, Charter & Hire Equipment, Charter Apparel

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